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1. Introduction
2. Flower In The Dark [Synthesized]

3. Mist [Synthesized]
4. It’s So Natural [Synthesized]
5. Spider Dancing [Synthesized]

6. Demo CD-R From The Dead [Synthesized]

7. 5AM [Synthesized]
8. Kids On The Stage [Synthesized]
9. Show Me How [Synthesized]

10. Lucid Dreaming [Synthesized]

11. System [Synthesized]
12. Nagaretari [Synthesized]
13. Zenbu Dreaming [Synthesized]


Photography by Akio Nakai / (Lomo Lc-Wide - Lomography Lady Gery 400 B&W 35mm)

アルバム「Lucid Dreaming」をボーカル&アナログシンセのみで再構築したReworkアルバム「Lucid Dreaming: Synthesized Symphony」を8月31日に配信リリース決定。


本作は、”もしアルバム「Lucid Dreaming」の楽曲がアナログシンセサイザーだけで構成されていたら?”というMaika Loubtéの探究心を元に、原曲のアレンジ要素を全て削ぎ落とし、ボーカルとアナログシンセサイザーのみで実験的にアルバムを再構築したものです。言わば本編「Lucid Dreaming」のアナザーサイドストーリーとして楽しめる作品が完成しました。

有機的なアナログシンセサイザーのシンフォニーをイメージして、音符のみ(ビート無し)での表現を探究したという本作は、一発録りの弾き語りも収録されており、いつもより身体的な音楽表現にもトライ。アナログシンセサイザーを録音する際に生じてしまったノイズも、所々に意図的に残しました。ミックスとマスタリングはMaikaのライブのサポートメンバーとしてお馴染みのSountrive (サウントライブ) が担当。


[Maika Loubtéコメント]

全楽曲0からミックスまで作り上げたアルバムの音を、ヴォーカルとアナログシンセだけで再構築するというのは、以前からやってみたかったことで、興味本位で自分からはじめた挑戦でした。はじめたはいいけど完成まで 持っていくのは想像以上に大変でした。私が参加していたシンセカルテット「Hello, Wendy!」の存在も、いまは 活動休止中ですがこの実験を後押ししてくれました。「聴いてみたい」という欲望のままに今年2月ごろ毎日スタジオに籠もってシンセばっかり一人で録って、変態だったなと思います。修行のようでもありましたが納得のいくものができました。

Maika Loubté releases a reworked version of her latest album "Lucid Dreaming", stripped back to only vocals and analog synths on August 31, 2022.

Singer-songwriter and trackmaker Maika Loubté will digitally release a recrafted album entitled Lucid Dreaming: Synthesized Symphony, a stripped back version of her latest album Lucid Dreaming using only vocals and analog synthesizers will be released digitally on August 31, 2022 via Water Records.

The album is based on Maika's exploration of questioning "What if the songs on the record were composed only with analog synthesizers?” The result is a work that can be enjoyed as another side story of the album Lucid Dreaming.

This album is inspired by the organic symphony of analog synthesizers and explores expression without using beats and only through notes, chords, and melodies. The reworking also includes a one-take recording of a vocal performance, and attempts a more physical musical expression than usual with some noise that occurred when recording the analog synthesizers being intentionally left in some places. The warm, enveloping synthesizer tone is pleasant and accentuates the beauty of the original melody. It is a work in which one can feel the primal energy inherent in the music. The synths used in the recordings included the: Roland Juno60, Roland JX-3P, Yamaha Reface CS,  UNO-Synth among others. The mixing and mastering was done by Sountrive, who also is a member of Maika’s live performances.

About the Lucid Dreaming: Synthesized Symphony, Maika comments: “I had always wanted to try my hand at reconstructing the sound of an album that I had worked on from scratch to mixing, using only vocals and analog synths, and I was intrigued by the challenge. At the start it felt great, but it was much harder than I had imagined to bring it to completion. The synth quartet "Hello, Wendy!" also inspired me in making this version. During February of this year I spent every day in the studio recording synths by myself, just to listen to sounds I wanted to hear. It felt like training, but I was satisfied with the result.”

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